HPV DNA Testing, This Is What You Need To Know

HPV DNA testing is a screening procedure performed on women to detect high-risk type HPV (human papilloma virus) infections. High-risk HPV type infections can trigger changes in cervical cells and can turn into cervical cancer or other types of cancer, such as the vagina and anus. HPV DNA testing is done by examining genetic material (DNA) HPV in cervical cells. This examination procedure is only for detecting high-risk HPV types and is not used to diagnose health problems caused by low-risk HPV types, such as genital warts. HPV DNA testing has the same goal as the pap smear procedure, which is to detect cervical cancer early. HPV DNA testing can be done with a pap smear as a screening test for cervical cancer. HPV DNA testing should be done routinely every 3-5 years. Indications for HPV DNA Testing Most people do not know that they are infected with HPV. This is because some types of HPV do not cause any symptoms or signs, so routine checks are needed. HPV DNA testing has sever
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